Friday, February 26, 2010


I have a few orders but I do not have the items to be monogrammed or the fabric for the clothes.So.... I have been doing the few things I did have as well as did a few shirts for Corbin.It has all came in now so I guess I will be busy again for a while!

C applique using the Cherri font to match the red plaid garanimals shorts.
Applique Cafe Bulldozer
AC dozer pair with red garanimals shorts.I LOVE this design and so did Corbin!As soon as he saw it he had to put it on!So he has been running around in shorts and a shirt even though it is in the 40s outside!We haven't left the house though!
Zebra Duffel
They make the best gifts!
Market Tote
These totes have been some of my hotest items!And still are.I have quite a few people ordering theses for Easter baskets.I can also get these in several polka dot prints now as well as a mossy oak camo.The dot and the camo are a little different and also have a zippered top however they are a tad bit smaller.

Monday, February 22, 2010

bib and burp sets

I am thinking spring is bringing on the babies!I have had several request for baby sets lately.I think these make great shower gifts!I also did one more applique shirt to match the garanimals shorts.This time it is the lime green and black shorts.I actually have to take back a previous statement!I said I had gotten my little one a pair of the garanimals shorts in every color but I did NOT!I didn't get a pair like this because I wasn't crazy about the colors.However after doing this shirt I will be picking up a pair on my next trip to Wal Mart!
We had a beutiful day here Sunday with 64 being our high!Unfortunately it ended with rain and our highs for the week are only in the 40's.I am so ready for the warm weather!I am ready for spring clothes too.I am not busy but every time I just about get it all done I get more orders.It is a lot less stressful this way!I did learn at Christmas when you get a certain amount of items you HAVE to start saying NO!Right now it is perfect and I am enjoying it!Hope you all are too!
Sock Monkey Bib Set
This little sock monkey is one of my favorite designs!
Applique Letter Set
I just got this fabric last week and have been wanting to use it and finally got the chance!I really like it!I love all the tri-checks.I picked up several that I have not had as well as restocked some.I usually get all my ginghams and tri-checks at Heirlooms Forever in Tupelo.
Initial Shirt to match garanimals shorts
I used the same Cheri font again here but on the letters with dots you have to do a little more work because they have hearts instead of dots so you have to do a little more to change that.
Shirt paired with the shorts.
I continue to have people requesting these.Can't you see why!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Spring is coming!I hope!!!!!

The weather is much better here in Mississippi!We have been rain and snow free for several days now.The sun seems brighter than ever and my oldest has been so excited to be able to go outside and play.The pretty weather also puts me in the mood to get to working on things for spring!I did three shirts this morning before 9:00!The kids slept late and that means I can get some work done (uninterrupted).It is so nice when I can start and finish something without stopping a single time!It has been down hill since then though.I wanted to fit in a few more shirts today BUT my house is looking pretty neglected soooo I guess cleaning is the agenda for the remainder of the day!
Train Shirt
My little one LOVES trains!He so wanted this shirt!He said "Momma cute!Train mine?"
He may have to have one like this for summer.
Applique Initial
This is the cherri font that I turned into an applique.
I mentioned in an earlier post that I like to get the garanimals plaid shorts from Wal Mart in my sons size and I also buy a pair in the biggest size(5T) to have fabric for a matching shirt.I haven't gotten to Corbin's yet but I do have a few customers who liked the idea and they are having me make the shirts for them.Here are the red shorts with a matching initial shirt.I got a pair of these shorts for Corbin in EVERY color that I have seen!They actually have two different styles in them:one is the plain straight short with regular pockets and the other style has pockets on each leg on the sides.I know I am going to do an initial and a name on a few of Corbin's shirts but I also think I want to do a few with designs using the matching fabric.One pair of 5T shorts will do quite a few shirts just in case you are wondering.I would say at least 4-6 shirts depending on what design you use.More pictures of the finished outfits coming soon(I hope).
Crab Shirt
This shirt screams SUMMER to me and I am SOOOO ready for it!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Steady Pace

Things seem to be moving at a steady pace!I have things to do but I am not overwhelmed with orders.It has been flowing great!I am ready for spring myself and ready to make my little one some things!If things stay at this pace I will be sneaking a few outfits for him in soon!I actually did a shirt for myself the other day!I had ordered this long sleeve brown shirt from Monag a while back and hadn't gotten around to putting anything on it.Applique Cafe listed a few new designs the other day with a new cross being one of them and I loved it!It was like I had been saving that shirt just for that!I am still doing several of the ruffle pants with matching tops for spring.I personally love these!I have had several baby gifts over the past few weeks also.It seems lots of babies are being born.I also have done a few more of the name shirts which remain my favorite thing for now!I
New Applique Cafe Simple Cross design
I also love these shirts from Monag.I have trouble finding fitted tees!They all seem to be too short but this one was perfect!
cute purse design
Ruffle Pants Outfit
I really like this one!This fabric is great!I had gotten it a while back at Heirlooms Forever but was in there the other day and they still had some if any of you live near Tupelo and would like to pick some up!
I actually did these burp cloths for a customer a few weeks back and for some reason I had stuck them in one of my bins that I rave about and forgot about them!She messaged me last night asking where they ready and it donned on me what I had done!DUH!
Applique Name Shirt
Still my favorite thing for now!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Applique name shirts

I did these shirts for a friend for birthday presents yesterday.She started out ordering one and when I sent her a picture of it she ordered another one for another party!People seem to be getting more and more of the spring fever.I don't think I ever remember people ordering spring stuff as early as they have this year!Its good for me though!I am sure there will still be a rush at Easter for things though!I have also made a few dresses lately.One is an A-line dress that I made for a fellow monogrammer so it is not monogrammed(she was going to do that).I also made a round neck dress.It was not my favorite thing to sew!The pattern instructions had the yolk going on upside down!I got sooooo confused and frustrated!I finally figured it out and it did turn out rather cute!No monogram on it either because we thought the pattern was too busy.Back to the applique name shirts:I think they are my new favorite thing!I have also done several bibs lately and am starting to get quite a few orders for the ruffle pants with matching tops.

I love these shirts!

A-Line Dress
Birthday Shirt
I usually put the candles on that come with this design on top but the customer had requested a 2 somewhere on the shirt so this is what I came up with.
I love these bibs.I have placed an order for some more of these and in several colors as well as white.I am excited about getting them!
I don't think I want to do another one of these for a little while!
I love making theses ruffle pants!They are so simple!
This is the Ravie font that I turned into applique.I am sure you can find it already in applique form on one of the many sites that sells fonts.
I also used my larger hoop on this one because the name was longer and the shirt was a bigger size.
I just used the standard 5x7 hoop on this one.
And once again my pictures are NOT in the order I wanted them because for some reason I was unable to move them!This has been happening a lot lately?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Outfits for my little one

I have been wanting to make a few outfits for my little one!I actually bought fabric just for him some stuff in the fall but never had time.Now all his winter things are getting to small or to stained to wear in public and when I went to get him a few new things I couldn't find anything I liked so I decided I would go ahead and make him a few things to get us through until spring!When I was looking for him some clothes in stores I ran across some really cute clothes for spring!The ones that I just fell in love with where the Zuccini brand.I found them an Ginger's in Corinth if you live in the area.They where cute applique shirts with matching shorts.I know I could make them and may do a few outfits similar to them!Here are the outfits I made for him.I am not real crazy about the train pants(they kind of look like pjs)but he LOVES trains is this is the only fabric I found with trains!

Here is the train outfit.I love this simple train from !Corbin refused to wear any shoes besides his rubber boots!But yesterday when we where playing in the snow he refused to wear his rubber boots!Kids are so funny!
One of the spring outfits I really liked had a frog on it so I decide to do one for now with a frog!This is the birthday frog from minus the birthday hat.It is too cute!
This outfit was intended to be worn to a western themed birthday party that we did not get to go too!I love it anyway though!I used the badge applique design from the shirt and this cute cowboy print fabric came from JoAnn Fabric and Crafts.
This one may be my favorite out of the four!I love this fabric that I ordered a while back from an Etsy shop.I have started ordering a good bit of my fabric from Etsy shops!There are lots of great shops with nice fabric priced very well!For the shirt I used the pirate hat from I think I also want to do it on a summer shirt!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cubicles and Samples for Embroidery Boutique

I have had several emails asking about the cubicles that I posted.I got those from Target and they may also be sold in other stores that carry closet-maid.The baskets that go inside also come in many colors.The cubicles are also available in about 4 or 5 finishes I believe.Measurements are 36”h x 36”w x 11 3/5” d, 43 lbs.The cubes measure approximately 11"w x 11"h.

I have been working on several samples for Embroidery Boutique over the past few days.

Filled Damask Design
I think Rachel is going to start offering a few filled designs on Embroidery Boutique.
Heart Owl
I LOVE this one!
I also took a picture of it without the hearts because I thought it was cute like that too!
Heart Owl
Girlie Version
I also think it would be cute to do just the owl!
This one has many options!
Love Patch
This one will be available in another version as well.
Damask design
This one will be great for home deco projects!

This is the other version of the love patch.
You can use heat and bond lite under the letters or use felt under them and make them raggy!

New Bird
I love the birds!
Love Bug Design
This one is so cute!I think it would be cute flying around the side of a shirt!

I am not sure if Rachel has these listed yet but I am sure she will very soon!I know you are all ready to go on over to Embroidery Boutique and get them!Sorry about the pictures!They are not in the order I wanted but for some reason it wouldn't let me move them around this morning!