Friday, May 8, 2009

few things

Here are few things I have been working on lately.I am still pretty busy which is a good thing.I have gotten a little behind lately because my little one has been sick and we also celebrated my oldest ones 8th birthday the past week.We are also trying to get a few things fixed around the house just little stuff but it takes up a good bit of time preparing for everything.To those of you who are waiting on things I plan to be completely through with all the orders I currently have by Wednesday of the coming week and hopefully before then.Thanks for your patience.
I made the shirt and tutu fir my niece's birthday.I had been seeing these tutus on several other sites and wanted to try one and it was fairly easy to make and it turned out soooooooo cute!A friend of mine got these two items for her nieces birthday.These straw cups are continuing to be a popular item as well as the applique shirts.The shirts with the applique numbers are such a great idea for birthdays and they can continue to wear them for a while.Woohoo I finally got a picture of a water bottle.These bottles are supper nice and have a nifty little hook thing on the top of them that makes them easy to carry with only one finger or you can hook them onto whatever you would like.I have several orders for these including one with a 1 letter applique and will be posting a picture of it soon.These bottles would make great gifts for almost any age!

GO STEALTH!These moms have been a blessing to me!Almost all of them I believe ordered a shirt with their child's number on it and there team name wrote through it.On this one they wanted the last name wrote through it instead of the team name.I like this because the team name may change from year to year and the last name will not.When the kids get the age of these boys they also try to keep the same number from year to year so the last name through it is efficient!

I have also done this design on several shirt for the baseball moms.Several them had it put on a fitted shirt, however if you would like it on an adult fitted t I would prefer you supply so we know the size will be right.Fitted shirts are hard to buy for another woman.I would be glad to supply a regular tee for these.If you have any questions or request please feel free to contact me.

To the other monogrammers who read my my blog:PLEASE feel free to contact me with your questions or ideas.I do not mind helping and sharing my success and tips!I was actually thrilled to get my first email from a fellow monogrammer wanting to know how I did something!