Monday, April 20, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

I have been pretty busy lately and still have several orders that I am working on.I have done about 20 applique shirts for some baseball moms that have their child's number appliqued and their team name or a last name wrote through it.These all turned out really cute and the moms loved them.I also did a few for the little brothers and sisters and they were extremely cute as well! I also did one with peace love baseball appliqued and will post a picture of it later.

I did several items for the Easter Bunny but not a whole lot.I did a few cups, a few shirts, and a few mouse pads and I believe that was all for Easter!

I also had a few orders for baby shower gifts.One order was for 3 ladies who were going in together and buying a gift.They gave me their price and I decided what all I could do for that amount and might I add this girl got a great gift!All the stuff turned out so cute.The other shower gift I had a girl bring me a blanket and I appliqued the Babbie's initials on it centered at the bottom thinking it would be really cute laid on the end of a bed.Don't forget about the new water bottles I have.I will be posting pictures of those soon and they make really nice gifts.If anyone is thinking about teacher appreciation or end of the year gifts for teachers these would be great.I also have a few of the mugs as well.I currently have many items on hand that can be done very quick if anyone needs any gifts.I have straw cups, night lights, water bottles, mugs, several t-shirts in various sizes and colors, onesies and pants for baby appliqued outfits, plenty of ribbon for key chains, checkbook covers, baby blankets, and I am sure a few more things I just can't think of it all right now so please keep me in mind for all your gifting needs.I REALLY NEED TO LIQUIDATE MY INVENTORY!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Diaper Bag

I love, love this diaper bag.It turned out so, so cute.I also used something new on the inside of it to make it stand up better and it by far worked better than anything I have ever used.I have one problem with making these diaper bags:they take me to long!I don't know how to speed the process up.Due to this I may have to raise my price.I am going to leave it the same for now, but if I can't speed the process up any the price will be increasing and I am so sorry to have to do this and maybe I can figure something out so that I don't have to.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New Ribbon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just got some of my new ribbons in today and they are really pretty!I also got the water bottles and the straw cups in for those of you who were wanting those.I have also posted most of my prices on the side bar.I think I listed everything bu there may be a few things I forgot.If you don't see something listed please feel free to contact me for prices or anything.

A few things I've been working on

Here are a few of the things I did yesterday.Most of it is things I have done and posted before.I don't think I have ever posted the hair bows.I have done those in the past I just had not had any request for them lately.They are so cute and in the past I have done two of each in case they wanted one for each side but if they only put one in then there is no need for two.The boy outfit is done in different colors this time and I also ave a few more colors for these as well as girl colors.The necklaces are also becoming rather popular and I would even like one for myself if I ever get a chance.