Sunday, August 9, 2009

Back to School

I have been really busy these past few weeks!School is starting here and the backpacks were flowing in!I did more backpacks and luch boxes this year than ever before(around 40 counting lunch boxes and backpacks)!I have done a few towels for kindergarten blankets also.The local schools prefer the children bring a towel instead of a blanket to use a naptime since a towels is about the size of their mats.You can make your childs towel so cute by adding a name or applique or whatever you would like.I have sold a few more designs but still not many!I am a little disapointed with this.I don't know if I do not have what people are wanting or maybe it is just because I haven't been found yet.I am going to continue to do new designs and see if it picks up and if nothing else I am saving myself money by making my own designs instead of buying them.

I also still have lots of items on hand like baby blankets, burp cloths, bibs, shirts(long and short sleeve), a few playtex straw cups, stainless steel straw cups and mugs, towels, and a few other things!If you need any gifts please contact me.

My oldest started 3rd grade this week!It has went well so far, however yesterday he said he did not want to go back!This bothers me because last year we had a lot of trouble with anxiety about school and thought he was over it but I am now not so sure!He also DID NOT want his name on his lunch box or backpack.I am hoping he will get over that and let me do it but at the time it did not bother me becuse I had already done so many!The little one is missing his bubba while he is at school!He goes to the back door and says Dalt about ten times a day and then he is so happy when Dalton gets in the car.I was worried that he would get back in cling to mom mode when school started back but so far he has not!Hope everyone is doing well with back to school.