Thursday, June 11, 2009

Cute Shirts!

I have Done 4 shirts for the same little girl in the past few days and might I say me and her grandmother have come up with some cute stuff.I love these shirts!

The LolliPop shirt with Sarah Catherine was also for the same little girl.That makes shirt number 4.
This quilt is something I did in the fall before I had a blog and I have never posted a picture of it.I did it for my sons Fall Festival for there silent auction that they have every year.I loved doing this.I let each child pick a sport and two of there favorite colors and I went from there!I did a square for each child and even one for the teacher.I guess I should also mention that I COULD NOT part with this thing. I loved it and spent a good bit of time on it.I made it and then turned around and bought it.Sure I could have made another one but it just wouldn't have been the same and I didn't really want to tackle that again for a while.I have seen some that are actual pictures of the children made into quilts but I wanted to do something different and this way I can say I did everything but make the fabric!LOL!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Been a While

Wow it has been three weeks since I posted!I had been putting almost every single thing I did on here.I have been to busy lately with monogramming and life in general to take pics of all the stuff.It has been going out the door as soon as I get it done and I haven't even bothered to take pictures.Lately I have just been glad to get it finished and delivered.Maybe it will get better.I have taken pictures of a few things in the past few days.I only took these because they are new things I have not done or just really cute and I wanted a picture.

Here is towel I did.The girl wanted to know if I could monogram it in zebra (lol!don't think there is zebra thread)but, I told her I could do an applique using zebra fabric and it turned out so cute!The girl loved it too.I have also bought some bright colored towels to applique summer designs on for my boys to use as beach towels, if I ever get a chance to do them.
Water Bottles!I love these and they are so cute with the appliqued letter in them.I have had these for a while and they have just started selling really well.I guess since summer time is here now it has made people want water bottles.I still have several of these on hand if anyone is interested.They make great gifts!
Target Find!We found these coolers at Taget for $2.50.They had pink, purple, green, and blue.They are a nice size and look so cute monogrammed.I am kicking myself for not picking up more than the two (I got for my boys)but, proud of myself too for restraining from buying anything else to have "on hand".I already have too much stuff "on hand" that I need to get rid of before I buy anything else!If you like them you can get them at Target and bring it to me and I can fix you up.
A girl ordered this onesie/bib set to give as a gift and I thought it turned out soooo cute!Man I love what I do.It is almost like playing instead of working!
Speaking of items "on hand" I do have several of these little fitted tees in various colors.I love this little applique lollipop.I was so glad when I got the order for it because I had not sewn it yet.I have many applique designs that I can put on these shirts.

Koozies!I love these collapsible koozies.I have them for water bottles as well as cans.They come in many colors.I have zebra prints in various colors, polka dots in various colors, and plain in various colors that a ribbon bow can be added to.I also ordered a few colors that are suitable for boys since I have two boys myself.If you are interested in these you may contact me for color options.I also think CeeCee's in town is going to order some next week if you would like to buy one there, they should have them around the end of the week.