Thursday, April 29, 2010

been a while!

Wow!It has been a while and it seems like so much had happened since my last post!Several new designs, a 50% off sale on, and who knows what else!This is a busy time of year.Also keeping up on Face Book and a website and a blog can be a bit overwhelming at times!I also tested 8 new designs for Embroidery Boutique yesterday.They are all super cute

Designs New to Applique Momma Since Last Post

Cake on Stand Applique Design
This one would be great for birthdays!I like the solid colors on it but I always have trouble with this fabric because it is so thin and sometimes doesn't want to lay flat even with the Heat N Bond lite but I have found my solution!It is a little bitty craft iron!I got it in the craft section at Wal Mart for like $10.00.I do all my fabric steps and cut them out and before I do the satin stitch I go ahead and iron it with the craft iron.I like the craft iron because it fits inside the hoop!So now my fabric is already adhered to my shirt or other item and I have NO puckering what so ever!I highly recommend that you all get one of these ASAP!

Candy Applique Design
This design was one I did with a friend who has the same software I do.She is wanting to learn how to digitize and take advantage of her software so she came over one day and brought her laptop and we played!I chose this one because it is fairly simple to do because there is only one color and no overlaps.She caught on very fast.I think she is playing around with some things.I am not sure if she will start a site or anything but she does want to learn!

Caterpillar Applique Design
This is one of my favorites!I had a request for a caterpillar and directed that person to Applique Cafe because Rosemary has a SUPER cut caterpillar too.I came across this one shortly after that and decided to do it.I was pleased with the turn out.I also LOVE all Fabric Finders fabric and I got to use 5 different ones on this one design!There are severl steps on this one but they are all simple!

Elephant Footprint Applique Design
This one was a suggestion and one of my best ones yet I might add.I have TONS of customers from Alabama so this one has been a hit so far!It is different that a lot of Alabama things I have seen!GREAT for any Alabama fan!My mother even wants this one on a shirt!
Clutch Purse Applique Design
I have had tons of request for purses and I thought this one was different.I also added the hearts in the fill stitch and I thought that gave it something extra!This one would be great to add a name too!

Platform Heel Applique Design
This is one I had done a while back and sold on Etsy and had people ask me to list it on the site so I did.I also add the heel without the cherry to this one!So it is like two designs for the price of one!

Ring Applique Design
This one is actually one of my husband suggestions!Of course I had to do it since he drew out how it should look and everything!He has been so supportive of me and designing!A few days after I did this one my diamond fell out of my engagement ring!I crawled around my house for an hour!Finally found it though!One of my prongs was broken!I wear it all the time and am constantly bumping it.I am not sure why the prong was completely gone!I am just glad I was at home AND found it!!!

Yesterday afternoon I spent the afternoon testing new designs Rachel from Emboidery Boutique will be listing very soon.And here they are!She has a cowgirl/cowboy theme going as well as few others.These will all be available on Rachel's site very soon!So here they are!

These are all super cute!I used alL Fabric Finders fabrics on these so these should be fairly simple fabrics to find!You can check the Fabric Finders web site for a store close to you.Some places sell it online too.I get most of mine from Heirlooms Forever in Tupelo.However I found another shop called Calico Rose in Florence, Alabama that has almost all the prints they make.And if they don't they can probably get it since FF is in Florence!It is a 90 mile trip for me but was well worth it!I still LOVE Heirlooms though and ALL the ladies there are great.So if you live near Tupelo Heirlooms Forever is the place and if you live near Florence Calico Rose is your place for Fabric Finders!Oh and when I was in Calico Rose the neatest thing happened!I was "recognized"!Not me but the shirt Corbin was wearing!The girl working there said "I know who you are you're Applique Momma"!It was actually kind of faltering!HA!I am going to try to do better on my postings too!Hopefully I can fit in two a week!

Friday, April 16, 2010

designs, sale, and busy, busy, busy

It seems like its been forever since I have had a post!It is hard trying to keep up a web site, post to the Monogram Momma fan page on Facebook, digitize new designs, test new designs, customer orders, a few samples here and there for Embroidery Boutique,etc....However I am not complaining and would NOT have it any other way!I have listed 10 designs on Applique Momma since my last post!I have been getting great suggestions for designs!I am still having a harder time coming up with things for the girls!I don't know if it is because I have two boys or if it is because there is just more things for boys!I have had several emails about my new machine.Yes I am LOVING it!It makes things munch easier!Oh and I am currently having a 30% off sale on Appliqué Momma that will end tonight.My next sale will be a 50% off sale when I reach 1,000 fans on my Monogram Momma fan page on Facebook so be sure to suggest it to ALL your appliqué friends so we can have another sale!!!

I hot this cute flower print from an Etsy shop.I can't remember the name of it but can look and see if anyone wants to know.I got it in several colors.I like it because it is just different shades of one color.

I love this one!It is a bit busy with the fabric but most butterflies are(real ones)!Both of these prints are Janean Morrison prints.I LOVE ALL of her fabrics!I ordered these from an Etsy shop too.I haven't been able to find her fabric at my local shop.They may have had some but I haven't seen it.

I have had several request for a phone design.This is what I came up with and think it is rather cute.I took suggestions on Facebook about putting something on the screen or NOT.NOT seemed liked the suggestion I got most so I left it blank.You can put a name or initials or whatever you like in it now.One suggestion was call grand-maw or calling grand-maw.That would be cute too!

I really like this one!YUMMY!I was actually working on this when I got a suggestion for it so that worked out perfect!I usually think of minky as a cold weather fabric but nothing else suited this like the minky did!And on an applique I think it is fine for summer!I also usually have to put solvy on top of my minky but I made this one more dense and put a few extra under sewing stitches on it thinking alot of people would use the minky.I think it stitched out great without it and I did't have anything poking up through the stitches.

I did two cupcakes because the first one didn't seem boyish.The second one would work either way though!I think the are both cute.

My little one has been racking up on shirts!I have been doing all my boys samples on shirts for him!I have also figured out how to put them on colored shirts and edit to have a white background so all of them no longer have to be white!I actually did this one on one of the lime garanimals tees!I love turquoise on the lime!This one makes me think of my oldest Dalton.When he was in preschool one of the girls called him dolphin instead of Dalton.Too funny!I may have to remind them of that!Since they are almost NINE now!They sure do grow up FAST!

I like this little fish.I know there are lots of fish out there but there are soooo many ways you can do a fish!I may even do another one or a few more!I love gingham in case no one has noticed!It just seems so timeless and classic!Most of the specialty fabric shops carries Fabric Finders ginghams in EVERY color under the rainbow!I get most of mine from Heirlooms Forever in Tupelo.

I love all my designs because they are mine BUT I think this is my favorite one!I have had request for one but there are also tons of these out there!However I came across this and loved it and I think it is different from all the ones I have seen!I also think it would be cute with pink where the blue is to make it super girlie!Corbin named this one.I also did this one a shirt for him and when he saw it he got so excited and said "ooh gator gator!"It was so cute and I new that had to be the name!My husband even said I like that one!He usually just looks and nods so I feel like I have done something when he responds with words LOL!

Here is a cute present.This was also a request.I think it turned out cute.The pink dots is a print that I picked up at Joann.I also got it in about 6 other colors I think?!?!?

I have also sampled a few new designs for Embroidery Boutique over the past few weeks.A few of them have already been listed.I will put links under the ones that have been listed.

This one is so cute.I love the poodles for the little girls!I sampled this one a while back and may have posted it but it is now listed so you can head on over to EB and get yours! 

The fabric in this one is the same print as the pink on my bird only in a different color.

Love this whale.I used another of the Joann dot fabric for the water and of course Fabric Finders gingham for the whale!

Heidi's Cow

This one is ADORABLE!Love, Love, Love it.It is not listed yet but I am sure it will be as soon as she has a few more ready!It is just easier to do more than one at a time so we tend to wait to list until we have atleast three.

And DON'T forget the sale on Applique Momma ends tonight so stock up today!!!Suggest my Monogram Momma fan page to those Applique friends so we can get the next sale going!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

FOUR new designs listed!!

I just listed my FOUR new designs on Applique Momma!I am still really enjoying the designing aspect!My sales seem to be steady.Not going up and not going down.I would really like for them to increase but I will take what I can get!
I had a few emails after my last post about the heat n bond lite.I accidentally deleted one email that specifically asked about the fabric not wrinkling.I am sorry and hope I can answer your question here.I use medium weight cutaway.I turn my shirt inside out and place the Sulky medium weight cutaway on the back of the shirt with my Sulky KK2000.I then turn it back right side out.Then I fold the shirt in half length wise and crease with the iron to get my center point and this also gives me a good line to position the hoop.I always measure from center to the outer edge of the shirt to make sure my line is in the center.I then hoop.I prepare my fabric with the heat n bond lite, spray with the KK2000 and give a good press with my hands and rub outward in all directions.I then finish the applique.After finishing the applique I iron over it(I place a piece of thin fabric over the applique) to adhere the heat n bond lite and fabric to the shirt.This process has cut down on the "wrinkling" of the fabric that I get so many question about.I do occasionally get wrinkling but with the swipe of an iron it is gone.Another thing that helps if you know you want to dry your item is to pre-wash so that any shrinking is already done.I do recommend that applique items be hung to dry.That way there is no shrinking and as most of you know everything looks better if it isn't dried!I also use Woolite or Tide total care on all of our clothes.They just seem to stay brighter with either of the two.

I have been asking for design suggestion and have gotten several great ones!Alot of them are things that are already out there so I have to find art that is DIFFERENT from what is already out there!I am trying to do all the request but I am trying to do the ones I have the most of first.I had tons of request for bathing suits and flip flops!The bathing suits weren't that challenging since there are not that many of those out there.However the flip flops where since Embroidery Boutique and Applique Cafe both have really cute ones already!I had bought some art a while back that I forgot about that had the flip flops I did in it!I think they are different enough?
I got this great polks dot fabric at JoAnn Fabric and Crafts.
I am pretty sure it is a JoAnn exclusive since that is what is on the side of the fabric.I think it is too cute!
This fabric is one of the Fabric Finders Tri-Checks.I LOVE ALL fabric finders fabric.It feels really nice and works great on appliques!I added a few bows to make the bikini cutter.I just make a bow and attach it with one of the tiny safety pins.Bows add to any design!

I used another tri-check fabric finders print on this design.On this one I did not put fabric in the two holes but instead I cut the hole out completely even the shirt and stabilizer.Then I put a piece of medium weight cut away behind the hole and then did the satin stitch and after it is finished I ran a piece of ribbon through the holes and tied a bow!I did this one one with out art or drawing!I just played around with lines until I got what I was envisioning!I was looking at a pair of one of the boys ChezAmi  swim shorts too!

And here are my flip flops!I think they are different enough but still very cute!These as well as all of these designs would be great for beach towels!Turn a regular towel into a custom beach towel by adding an applique and name!Beach towels make GREAT graduation gifts too.I have several customers who give monogrammed beach towels every year.I have been doing them for a very special woman, friend, and teacher for many years now.She always gets for all the seniors in her church as well as any others she knows graduating and beach towels are a rater inexpensive but great gift!

Friday, April 2, 2010

I listed five more designs last night!I am having WAY too much fun with this!I LOVE gingham as you may have noticed in my samples!It seems timeless and classic.And when you use several ginghams on one design it gives customers lots of options for matching.I buy all my ginghams at Heirlooms Forever in Tuplelo, MS.If you live around Tupelo you should really check them out!My last two machines also came from there.They carry Brother, Viking/Huskvarna, Bernina, and maybe another one?The have embroidery machines, sewing machines, and sergers.They also have quilting things but I know nothing about those!Yes all that on top of great high quality fabric!If you are not in the area most of the nicer ginghams and tri-checks are made by Fabric Finders.You can go to the their site and search for a local dealer near you!I also buy some of my fabrics such as Michael Miller, Amy Butler, Janine Morrison, and Riley Blake(just to name a few)on Etsy.I have had several questions about fabric and how I make my stuff lay so flat.I hope that helps with the fabric!

I make my things lay flat by using HEAT N BOND lite.I can not work with out it or my Sulky KK 2000 sticky spray.You can get the Heat N Bond lite almost anywhere;craft stores, fabric stores, Wal Mart, etc...Make sure you get Heat N Bond LITE!Regular heat n bond is NOT for sewing!I get my Sulky KK 2000 at JoAnn Fabric and Crafts and I try to wait until they have it half off and then I stock up!Sign up for their emails and you will know when all the sales are as well as get coupons almost every email!I use to use 505 spray as my sticky spray.It is a good spray but I do prefer the KK 2000.The KK 2000 seems to have a better texture and leaves less of a residue.Also how flat your fabric lays has a great deal to do with STABALIZER!I use medium weight cutaway most of the time.I also use two layers of heavy weight tear away from time to time.I finish off the back of my shirts with florianna dream weave(I order it from Ken's Sewing center) or Sulky's cover a stitch.Lately I have been using more of the cover a stitch because it has been staying on better through the washings.I like to use different products on our things to test them.I had done my son several shirts a while back and I used both products and the cover a stitch has not started to peel yet but the florianna dream weave  is trying to roll up.I may get flooded with emails of arguments on this one.I am just saying in my personal experience this is what is working for ME!I hope this info helps some of you as well as answer many of the emails I have gotten over the past few days.

I have also been getting lots of emails asking if I take request for design.I would LOVE to hear all your suggestions for applique designs.I really need some good suggestions for the girls that there are not already tons of!I am working on the about as fast as I am getting them.However I do not do custom digitizing or logos.That is not something I wish to get into at this point.I will gladly do my best to fulfill all your request for applique designs that I will sell on my web site.Here are my latest designs available at was thinking ice cream yesterday since it was 80 degrees here in North Mississippi yesterday!YEAH!I love the warm weather!Oh and I also dis a few samples for Embroidery Boutique the other day so hopefully she will list new designs as soon as she is feeling better!Rachel is also working on a new site that will I am sure be amazing!I also noticed on Face Book this morning Applique Cafe has some SUPER cut sports designs to be listed soon!

You can click on each tittle to be taken directly to AppliqueMomma to purchase these designs!

I have also had questions about how Applique Momma is doing.It is doing ok since this is my first week!I would love to get more customers but I am not sure how to get my name out there.Hopefully it will pick up!