Friday, May 14, 2010

Blogging Slum!AND new designs!

I think I have been in a blogging slum?Or just to busy to sit down long enough to do it!I received several emails after my post on the tutorial!So glad to help some of you out!And thanks for letting me know I did.It sometimes helps to get those emails!I know then I am actually helping people and not talking to myself!HA!I got several emails about my little craft iron.I got mine at WalMart for $10.00.I was also at Hobby Lobby yesterday and noticed they had them also for $10.00.I am sure any craft store has them.Also my double curved scissors are made by Havel's and I got those at Heirloom's Forever in Tupelo.I actually have like six pair of them!Heirlooms Forever also has a website I do also have a pair of the Gingher 4" curved blade scissors but I prefer the Havel's just because they fit MY hand better.They seem to be to thick for me but we are all different!The Heat n Bond LITE can be found at almost all craft stores and WalMart.I usually get mine in the packaged roll at WalMart simply because it is cheaper there.At the craft stores it is $10plus and at WalMart it is a little over $6.00.As for stabilizer I like medium weight cutaway because I do mainly shirts.I don't have a brand preference.I usually use Sulky or OESD just because it is what I can run get at my local places.I buy my Sulky KK2000 at JoAnn Fabric and Crafts.It is the only place I have found that keeps it in stock!Now next time I go they won't have any.They also have 50% off sales on it from time to time and I literally buy EVERY can on the shelf when they do!I can not function with out it!I think I answered all question that I received? Anyway I hope I did!
I have also listed new designs on the site!A few for the Fourth and some more beachy ones.Speaking of the beach:I sure hope the get that oil leak in the Gulf fixed!!!!!Here are the newest designs!Hope you all like them!Go get yours at and Rachel will be adding some new designs to Embroidery Boutique very soon!!!I tested them the other day and they are adorable!
Liberty Bell Applique Design
On this one I used a Fabric Finders Tri-Check and small gingham.
I did get a few emails about where I buy ginghams.I get mine at Heirlooms Forever in Tupelo.You can also order it from there website or got the the Fabric Finders web-site and search for a shop near you that has it!

Shooting Star Applique Design
Great for the Fourth!

Star Applique Design
Another good one for the Fourth!
And more gingham.To me you just can't go wrong with ginghams and it comes in every color under the rainbow!It also seems so timeless and classic to me!

USA Applique Design
This one was a request and of course GREAT for the Fourth!

Delivery Van Applique Design
I think this one is adorable and very versatile.The oval comes blank so you can add whatever words you would like!Make it a mail van, milk van, flower van, etc... OR add a name in the oval!

Truck Applique Design
This is one of my favorites.It is just a classic little truck for the boys!This is also a Fabric Finders Tri-Check!

Castle Applique Design
This was actually drawn with the intentions of being a sand castle but after I had sewn it out I thought it would be could for an anytime castle if you use different colors!Love a design that can be used in several ways!

Duckie Float Applique Design
Great Beach Towel Design!This is a Michael Miller fabric that I ordered from an Etsy shop.I also love Etsy for fabric!They have tons of shops that has all the good stuff and many of them will do custom orders for 1/4s and all you applique people know 1/4 goes a LONG way!

Beach Pail and Ball Applique Design
I LOVE this one!I does have several steps but they are fairly easy!Also a great beach towel design!I think I am going to put it in the corner or a shirt and of course make matching gingham shorts or seersucker?The seersucker I buy is also made by Fabric Finders! OK I should count the number of times I have said Fabric Finders!Maybe I should see about being a spokesperson or something!LOL!

Lifeguard Float Applique Design
I also love polka dots!I have this print in almost every color!I found these at my local Hancock Fabrics.

Sun Applique Design
I think this one would be glad to add an initial to!

And here are the new designs Rachel has created for Embroidery Boutique.LOVE them all!

Eiffel Tower Aplique Design

Tea Cup Applique Design
Is this not cute or what!

Dress Form Applique Design
Love it!

Princess Dress Applique Design
I think I kind of had a theme thing going with the fabric choices!All the swirly prints are made by Moda.

Cowboy Boot Applique Design
This one goes with all the other cute cowboy/girl designs!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Applique Tutorial

I get tons of emails asking how I do my appliqués!How do I make them lay so flat, How do you not have any frays, How do you cut fabric, etc....... So here it is!I took pictures as I was doing one of my samples yesterday to show how "I"  do "mine".Everyone has their own way and own tricks.This is just my way.I also didn't realize there are tons of people who monogram and have never done an appliqué!I prefer appliqué to a stitched design any day!Yes there are more steps but to me they just look better/nicer and allow you to be more creative and put more of yourself and your style into them!And once you get "your" process figured out appliqués are easy and TONS of  FUN!I hope this helps! OK I can not make my pictures show completely.It is cutting some of it off but if you click on it you will get the whole thing.Sorry!I have tried several things!

Monday, May 3, 2010

more designs and HORRIBLE weather!!!

It has been a LONG weekend here in Northeast Mississippi!Tornadoes and flooding makes for a very unsettling weekend!We got out yesterday afternoon after things calmed down and it was terrible!I have NEVER seen anything like the damage done by the tornado!Houses with roofs gone, trailers GONE, an empty lot where a house once was, timberland destroyed, road signs twisted, refrigerators and other household appliances in trees or nowhere remotely close to a home, insulation everywhere,etc.....Just horrible.I did take a few pictures with my phone but they do NOT capture the destruction!You see it on TV and its almost surreal but this was very real!I have a friend whose house was in the path, luckily they where not home and her home is intact!However her yard doesn't have a tree left, but I know she can live without those!They width of the destruction seemed VERY wide and the Tornado stayed on the ground for a really LONG way!I haven't heard a length of the path yet.The National Weather Service was there yesterday afternoon.There where two lives lost.....Flooding is also really bad!School here was cancelled for today.As of 5:00 yesterday 2,500 in Tippah County where without power!Those lineman have been working VERY hard and long hours and we all appreciate it!The outages have gone from 6,000 to the 2,500!Please remember all those affected in your prayers!

I was able to load the 8 new designs to Saturday morning while there was a little calmness!Shortly after I unplugged the computer(machines have been unplugged since Friday night)!I always unplug the big stuff during bad weather!I have had several emails about how I store and catalog my designs.Every time I purchase a design I download it immediately after my purchase(I don't wait for the email.I download after I am redirected.).I put all my designs on a 16gb flash drive/jump drive.I have folders for each site .This helps when I am buying designs and can't remember if I already purchased something.So if I am on Applique Cafe and think did I or didn't I get that one last time I just go to my AC  file and look!This has helped me alot!And it doesn't fill my hard drive up with designs!However I have still duplicated a few designs!I suppose I didn't look hard enough!Also if your computer crashes you still have ALL of your designs!I think this is the best way I have found!I use to put them on the computer and then backup with a cd but you can only put so many on a disc and my children have scratched several of mine so flash drive is my suggestion to all of you!And if you have a design addiction like I do all those designs can slow your computer down!I have also had several emails about the new  CUTE designs I tested for believe Rachel is working on loading those this morning!So if you where wanting those I think they will be available sometime today!And her designs are 60% off right now!Mine are still 50% off until Wednesday AND com has a promo going to:get $10 off your purchase of $30!Great sales so go stock up!!!

Finally here are the new designs available on

Another one that would be great for all you Alabama fans!

This is another one I did and sold previously on Etsy!I had forgotten about it until I got an email from someone who had been looking through my archives and saw it on a bib and wanted to know where I came from.So I sewed out another sample and here it is!

I was actually working on this one when I got a request for one!They also want one in a cup so I am currently working on that too!

Another request...I did this one in the red and blue since the 4th will be here before we know it and I have already had tons of request for designs!I haven't came up with much for the 4th yet?I personally like to just use anytime designs and do them in the red and blue like I did here.There is only so much you can do for the fourth?Embroidery Boutique has a super cute fire cracker already.If you have any suggestions for designs for the 4th I would love to hear them!I think Rosemary may be working on a few for the 4th too.So check Applique Cafe for some too!