Saturday, November 13, 2010

Not bad.1 week and a day......

I have done more cute test designs for this past week.Rachel is cranking out some CUTE ones!I always LOVE her designs!!!I have been soooo busy with orders!I get super busy during the holiday season.Actually I have been super busy most of the year!I am in the process of organizing my fabric right now too!I have all my applique fabric in a cubicle thing with bins that I got at target BUT I can't seem to keep it all straight!I am putting each piece in its own ziploc bag then resorting in the bins.The bags will keep it all folded when I am digging!I saw a picture the other day where someone used ziploc bags and then hung them.I really don't have a good way to do that and I kind of do enjoy digging through it?I am always finding something I didn't know I had!I really think the bags will help me a ton!That way when I am chunking it in the floor trying to find something it will stay folded and clean as well!I also may change the way I was sorting?I had it done by color.I think I may do stripes, polka dots, ginghams, etc....Not sure how it is all going to work out so stay tuned for that!

New Design coming soon to
I used all Fabric Finders fabrics on this one.A tri-check and red and green ginghams.I buy the majority of my Fabric Finders from Heirlooms Forever in Tupelo, MS.

Stocking Coming soon to
I used Fabric Finders on this one too!Have I mentioned I love everything they make?!?!?!This also came from Heirlooms Forever!

Reindeer coming soon to
I used a corduroy in the reindeer head then red ginghams on the nose and then solids that I believe I picked up at Hancocks.The corduroy is by Robert Kaufman and gingham is by Fabric Finders.I also really like Robert Kaufman fabric!This corduroy is super soft!I think I will make brown cord pants with a red gingham cuff to go with this shirt!

Design coming soon to
I used a Fabric Finders pin dot on this one and a solid pique.All their fabric is so classic and timeless.I think that is why I like it so much!

Design coming soon to
All Fabric Finders again!A red and green pin dot, green and red pin dot, then the same white pique.

This is the angel from the previous post.I had several emails about the ribbon ric rac or ric rac ribbon.I think it is called both?I get mine at Heirlooms Forever.They do have it on their site too! 

I have been so busy and rushed lately that I haven't been taking pictures of many orders!I will try to do better on that so I can share those!I am also in a digitizing slum(don't have time) so I haven't listed any new designs to in a while!Hopefully I will get get back to it soon!I have several designs in mind whenever I find the time for them!!!