Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New Designs Listed on Applique Momma

I have listed several new designs on Applique Momma!I am having so much fun with this!I am enjoying all the suggestions and support!I feel like I have been getting a lot done lately!I have been designing/digitizing at night after everyone goes to bed then I test what I can before I get the oldest up and ready for school.Then I come back home and work on orders on the big machine and I do more testing on my 2500 while the big one does its magic!Before that really wasn't an option even though I had two machines because as lots of you know it is hard to run two shirts at the same time on a table top machine since you have to sit and hold the "extra" out of the way!So YES I am still LOVING the new machine!I am also excited about a new friend who is doing some drawing for me!Sometimes the most difficult part about digitizing is finding good art so I an happy about this!I have done several myself and will continue too but it is always nice to have someone else's hand in this!I haven't been taking many pictures of orders.It is hard to take a picture every time I sew somthing.I do however HAVE to have pictures of my sample!So here they are and if you like them head on over to Applique Momma and get yours!!!Oh and I completed my new applique font too!You can click on each tittle to be taken straight to that design on Applique momma!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Applique Momma is ready for business!!!!

I have exciting news!After much hard work and lots of patience Appliqué Momma is open for business!Instant Download is ready so hurry on over to Appliqué Momma and get your designs and fonts!I am also working on a new font and  have a few more designs ready to be tested so stay tuned and visit Appliqué Momma often!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Did I mention I love garanimals outfits!New/old Applique Designs, Site news

I have been busy, busy, busy!I use to try to take pictures of every single thing but lately it seems to walk out the door before I can even think about taking a picture!I did a few more garanimals outfits this morning!I still LOVE this idea and there are so many different things you can do with them.I was at Wal Mart the other day and they have started putting out a few new plaid shorts and well.....I HAD to get some!The orange fabric on the ATV design is actually from a pair.I also re-listed a few designs on Etsy.These where designs I had done before and they didn't sell as well as I would have liked but apparently some did because I got several Etsy conversations asking about them so I resisted them!The deep is one of my favorites.I have di=one it camo as well as the browns for those die hard hunters/hunters son's.
I was so proud of my site and the way it turned out!I added all my designs and it looked great!HOWEVER I got a little frustrated waiting on the instant download people sooooo I tried to install it myself and well.... I DELETED my whole database!So PappaShop spent a whole day restoring it!I have purchased more instant download software from a company with GREAT customer service and they are installing it this weekend!I am getting excited!I hope I do well!Things on Etsy have picked up for sure so hopefully my business will continue to grow!Oh and I did do a few new designs.The backhoe and the baby carriage are new.

You can click on the picture titles below to be taken to that design in my Etsy shop!Hurry on over!

These are some of the new garinimals shorts I picked up.They also have some similar to the other plaid ones I pictured before.The had one that was a red, brown, and white plaid that I thought would be cute with a brown top.

These red ones have been very popular and well.... I know why!They are too cute!

This is my FAVORITE out of the three!I love this fishing lure!It is from Applique Cafe and she also has a broke back one that is VERY cute.You can click on the blue to go  straight to this design or click the purple to go to the AC homepage and check out all the cute designs!Rosemary Gulledge by far has some of the cutest designs on the market and they stitch out GREAT!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

how at work

I have been super BUSY since my last post!Learning the new machine has been fun and fairly simple!The layout is almost identical to my Brother 2500d so that made it simple!The most I have done so far on it in a day is 10 shirts and 2 samples.I could have easily done more!I have been working on a new web site also!I hope it will be up and running soon!When it is running I will be offering instant download.I am not sure how long it will take to figure it all out!I am still using my sew what pro for all converting too!I would highly recommend it if you do not have any software.I also added three new appliqué designs to my etsy shop since the last post.One is a lemonade stand, a simple jeep, and an ATV.I try to keep them as simple as possible howevr that depends on the art.


Towel Wrap
These are very simple to make especially in and adult size!
Easter Shirt
This cute truck is from AppliqueCafe.
I beleive she has all her Easter designs half off so hurry on over and get yours!
Sock Monkey Set
I have gotten so many compliments on this sock monkey!
You can find it at Applique for Kids.It also comes with just the head.
I have done several of these out fits just like this!This is the cutest little purse and is great for one initial!
ANOTHER garanimals outfit!You just can't beet these!They are so cute!Paired with a matching top they look like a trunk show outfit but for half the price!
I had a customer send me all of these shirts as well as the matching fabric!She said she will make matching shorts for all of these and then she will have outfits that look like trunk show clothes for a lot less!These are all classic designs!The alligator, fishing lure, car and boot are all from Appliqué Cafe.The pineapple and surf boards are from Embroidery Boutique.

Jeep Appliqué design available in my etsy shop!
Applique ATV available in my etsy shop!

Stay tuned.....for new designs and web site updates!!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

new machine and a new design

Well I got my new machine Tuesday afternoon!!!I woke up Wednesday morning and went right to work.I think I ended up doing ten shirts yesterday.I usually can get in six and that is pushing it!I think eventually I can do even more than ten but right now I am learning the machine!It is definitely different but I am loving it!
I have had several request for a golf cart design but could NOT find any art like what had been explained to me so I just drew one and scanned it in!I have done this with several other designs that I have done for myself and I think it may be easier that way?However I did throw away several pieces of paper!I still have several designs that I have not gotten to sample yet.It is hard to digitize, sample, and keep up with the applique orders!I went ahead and did this one because I had gotten so may request for it!I love hearing all the input on what people want!That really helps!Keep the ideas coming!

Here is my newest design!I love these shirts from Monag with the red trim.They have several different trim colors available I believe.
I have had several request for a golf cart with golf clubs in the back.Apparently there are several golf carts out there but none of them have the clubs in the back.I hope you all like it!

And here "IT" is at work!I LOVE how the shirt just hangs down out of the way!

Here are a few summer shirts I did yesterday.I am trying not to repost to many of the same things.

All three if these designs can be found at Embroidery Boutique!!
They are great designs for summer!

And here is the Applique Cafe bunny.I mentioned yesterday on Facebook that I didn't have any orders for Easter shirts and two of my friends/customers ordered shirts!One was for a boy and one for a girl.I went ahead and did the girl one yesterday so I would have a sample!I plan to do the boy one today.I am going to do the Applique Cafe truck with the Easter Egg on that one and I will of course post a picture asap!So back to work/play now!I am LOVING the new machine but I am pretty sure I already mentioned that!

*one more thing:I have had several design customer ask to use my pictures of my design as there samples.I do not mind at all!Just be sure and mention you may not have the pictured fabric so you don't run into any problems there.But if you do have it no worries!

Monday, March 15, 2010

baby gifts, birthday gifts, my fonts, AND a NEW MACHINE

I was busy this weekend working on baby shower gifts and Birthday gifts!I did lots of gowns for my friend.As I was doing those I was thinking....HUM.....this would be sooo much easier if I had a big machine and did NOT have to sit here and hold this out of the way!So last night I ran the idea across my WONDERFUL hubby again and he agreed on me getting me a new machine!So I started calling around and pricing witch is not easy because most Brother dealers are very hesitant to give prices over the phone!I found one one at a great price at HEIRLOOM'S FOREVER in Tupelo and will be picking it up sometime Wednesday!Is is not the newest one but is a PR 620.I have no idea what the difference is on it and the newer one and I am not even going to ask!This one belonged to the owner and has a very low stitch count and has been used very little.I am excited and nervous VERY NERVOUS all at the same time!It will be a new venture and I am sure I will have to get used to it!

Applique Cafe Purse

This is another shirt I did for my niece for her birthday!

Baby Bib
These bibs are from monag and they are great!Super soft and are great to sew on!
I used the same lettering here as the Anna Kate font but did a plain stitch for a raggy look.
Bib with Embroidery Boutique's Dottie Alpha with the tinkertoy font on each side.
Garanimals Shirt with my nephews name appliqued with my Ravie font sold on Etsy.

Another Plaid outfit!I wasn't kidding when I said I liked these!

I LOVE this little plane!I fond it a while back at swak embroidery and haven't had a chance to do it!LOVE IT!And I love this fabric finders tri-check fabric!It screams baby boy!
These gowns make great gifts!
I did the same R here as on the bib!
My friend had sent me a picture a while back of something similar to this.It is cute!I think it was a hint!HA!
Love these colors!
Applique Cafe's circle patch
Love the chocolate gowns!Again mre Fabric Finders Tri-Check
If you are local to Tupelo you can find this great fabric finders tri-check at Heirloom's Forever along with lots of other nice fabric's!
Little Brother Gown
I used the Anna Kate font on this one!
You can get your Anna Kate font in my Etsy shop!
Big Brother Shirt
Also with the Anna Kate Font!
The other writing is done in a true type font I have called Boys r Gross.It is my most popular font for the boys and I have also had lots of emails wanting to know what it was!
I despise buying gift bags that cost $3 or more!I always try to do something like this for my gifts to go in instead!I picked these up at Wal Mart a while back on clearance!I can't remember how much they where but it wasn't a lot!I kick myself for not getting more than I did!