Sunday, January 31, 2010

Almost finished!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My last post was on my peg boards.I had just started my project at that time.A few days after that post I decided I wasn't happy with the way things where turning out!I also got a message from Rosemary saying that June Taylor made a thread stand for the taller spools/cones of thread.I really like the idea of thread stands better than pegs so off to JoAnn I went!They happened to have their thread storage 40% off so I lucked out!I ended up with 5 of them which was all they had!They took up a little more room than my pegs since I had two spools of thread on each peg so I had to get another peg board.I put it on the other side of my window above my cubicles that I put my appliqué fabric in.I also got a few extra peg boards to go in a few closets including the closet where I keep my bigger pieces of fabric and ribbon and who knows what else.I hope to get it done soon and will post pictures asap!It may be a little while before I get to it!It seems spring fever has started up and I am getting busy again.I have also tested quite a few designs for Embroidery Boutique over the past few days!I am sure she will have them listed soon and I will post some pictures of the designs soon also!I have had a few emails with questions about the peg boards and what I used so I will do my best to explain what I used for each thing under the pictures!
I found my thread stands at Jo Ann fabric and crafts and I hung them one two 4 inch pegs.The stands with the taller pegs hold 33 spools and I have one with shorter pegs and it holds 60 spools.
I plan to hang my serger thread and regular sewing thread on the empty stand.I just havent gotten to that yet!
I have several of these baskets hung just too throw things in!I got them at WalMart and I hung them with some pegs that are slightly angled.I got those from WalMart in an assortment pack that had several kinds of pegs and a few small baskets.The little red baskets as well as the clear jar also came in this package.

My smaller embroidery machine and my serger are now both on the table in front of the peg boards.
I like the bigger machine on the desk because it is sturdier!
A little problem I have!I tend to throw my clipped threads in the floor even though I have a garbage can right there!
I hung my third peg board over my cubicles I mentioned in an earlier post.

I hung my hoops, stabilizers, scissors, and whatever else on this board!The small basket on the far left also came in the combo pack I found at WalMart.
I hung my hoops on a 6 inch double peg that also came in the combo pack.I hung the stabilizers on 6 inch single pegs that I found at Lowe's.They are also available in various lengths and are sold by the single piece.
I also hung my scissors on the 6 inch pegs.

I put more stabilizer and my sticky spray in these hanging baskets that I found at WalMart.They came in a package of three and are three different sizes.You can see the smallest one in one of the above pictures.All the supplies I got at WalMart where found in the hardware section.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Work in Progress!!!!!!!!!!!

For some reason I have gotten on an organizing/OCD spree.I have been cleaning out, throwing lots away, and just organizing EVERYTHING the past week!I want everything in its own place!I can't stand lots of clutter so every so often I go through a spell like this!My husband keeps complaining about ALL the garbage!Seriously over the past week I have thrown away about 30 garbage bags full of STUFF in addition to the regular household garbage!Nothing important just stuff!Old magazines, broken toys, toys with LOTS of tiny pieces, etc....... I will be so glad when the whole house is complete!I want everything so that I would be proud for anyone to open any door (cabinets and closets included) instead of be mortified!

I started my sewing room/sun porch/hubby's office(I have taken over) yesterday.I had someone recommend peg boards.I finally got me two of them at Lowe's the other day.They are very cheap!I think they where like $3.46 for one board!Then you do have to buy the pegs and whatever else you want to go on them but that stuff isn't much either.I started out not getting a lot soooo now I am not finished.However my mother is coming today and I am having her stop and pick up some more pegs so I can finish.I really didn't know how it would all work so I under bought.I love it though!I think it will help make my life in my sewing room more simple.I am always losing things and have never really had a great way of storing thread.Now I do!I do have a thread stand but the pegs are not tall enough for the thread I use and the thread constantly falls off!If any of you know of a stand with taller pegs please e-mail me!I use Isacord and poly x thread mostly and those spools just don't like those pegs!Here are a few pictures of my work in progress.I will post more pics of it all finished in the next few days!
I am really going to like this finished!

I really wish I could find a thread stand with taller pegs!
View from the room!Not as peaceful as it looks sometimes!
I found this hall tree at a factory that was shut down.I hang all bags etc... on it.

The folding table doesn't seem to be stable enough for my bigger machine so I have taken over hubby's desk.

The top drawer is where the thread was and it was always getting tangled up and falling over!
Here is another of those shelves that I mentioned in an earlier post.It is great for appliqué fabric!The best way for organizing my small pieces that I have found!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

baby gift and neat finds

I have who freind who is in labor today!I missed her shower that was before Christmas because I was too busy monogramming to go so this morning I did a few things for her!I love the gowns from Monag!They are so soft and super nice!The dress is a bargain I found at Wal Mart a few months ago!I love a good deal!I got the dress with bloomers for $3.00!!!!And I think I made it into something very cute(not that it wasn't already cute)!

Even though the gown and the dress were a good gift without adding to them I felt like I needed to get something to go with them that I didn't make.So I ran in a local children's clothing store and boy am I glad I did!For her I got a Kalencom quick change kit with wipe case. These are really neat!Its a trifold case that holds a few diapers and a wipe case and is also a changing pad!But my excitement comes from finding the portable potty!Yes I just expressed excitement from a portable potty or on the go potty!It it the neatest little potty that folds up flat that you can carry with you!It has bags you attach to it to catch the pee or poo!Why am I so excited?I have a two year old who is recently potty trained!And all you moms out there know what a challenge is possed when your on the go and you are no where close to any kind of restroom and you here momma I gotta peepeee!Well this is the answer!Also this is very compact and can be put in a bag so that when you are in a store you can put it on the regular toilet lid so they don't fall in or sit on the lid(yuck!!!).You can check these out at as well as their other neat products.I also got myself and my friend some stroller straps.These are just some simple straps that helps attach your diaper bag or purse to the stroller.Hope I don't sound too crazy today!

My WalMart Find
Appliqué Cafe Circle Pactch with Curlz font
Monag Gown (available in many colors)
Embroidery Boutique's scalloped patch minus the center cirle.
I also used the Lexi Monogram Alphabet from EB.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Fabrics and Garanimals Shorts

Yesterday was our third snow day!Needless to say I didn't get any work done!I took the boys to Chuck E Cheese for a fun day!We had been cooped up in the house for too long!Not my best idea since the little one is now running fever!I am sure he picked something up from one of those germie games!I also drug them in WalMart, Hancocks, and Hobby Lobby!I picked up a few new fabrics at Hobby lobby and Hanncocks.I love fabric!I really didn't need it but thought I had to have a few new things for Valentine and Easter appliques!At WalMart they have already started putting out there Garanimals summer clothes.I didn't look at the girls but I did pick up 4 pair of the shorts for my little one.We had these last year and I loved them!I buy a pair in his size then I buy a pair in the biggest size(5t)to have fabric to do a matching applique shirt.I did these last year for mine and for my nephew.
Garanimals Shorts
Notice two pair have pockets on the side and two do not.

Here is one I did for my nephew last year.
I will post pics of the new ones as soon as get to them!My kids things usually get pushed to the back burner!

I think all these fabrics will be great for Valentines, Easter, and Spring!!!!!!I also put under each picture where it came from in case any of you would like to get some!
Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby
Hobby Lobby
Hobby Lobby

Monday, January 11, 2010

Target find and a few shirts

I LOVE these cubical shelves by closet maid!I got mine at Target but I believe most stores who sell close maid have them. They are rather compact and hold ALOT!I put this one at the end of the hall between my boys rooms and it fits perfect!I really was surprised at how much they held!The shelve is available in several colors and they have baskets in about every color under the rainbow!I like them so well I went back and got two more!One went in my sewing room(hubby's office that I took over) and the other is still in the box!In my sewing room I put my appliqué fabric in it!I had been struggling with a good way to organize my fabric and this was perfect!I was able to have a container for each color family which makes my life easier!Before I was spending way to much time DIGGING for fabric!

Best Purchase in a while!

I also did a few cute boy shirts the other day.When I first started appliquéing it was kind of hard to find cute stuff for boys!Now it is rather easy and there are almost as many cute boy designs as there are girl designs!
Appliqué Cafe Car

Nobbie Neez Train

I will be working on a few spring outfits as well as some valentines shirts over the next few days so more pictures coming soon!And I have no idea why this is underlined and I can't make it stop!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Decorations Down and New Samples

I have been at it this morning!I have gotten all the decoration stripped from the den trees!Yes I am just now taking down my trees!!!I just haven't wanted to take them down!I got some new things for them this year(last year now) and they were just so pretty!It kind of saddened me to take them down but it will be December again before we know it!My husband even said the tree was prettier than ever this year and that is just not like him!I used a lot of picks(which I love) and I expected him to have something sarcastic to say about the "things" sticking out of the tree but he didn't!

Poor Bare Tree!!!

This stuff has about had it after two years!
I may have too do something new for my
tops come December!

Ornaments nicely put in the box nice and neat!

I don't know how I am going to put these up or what I will put hem in!All the containers I have are too SHORT!Guess I will make a trip to WalMart in the FREEZING cold later!

I have been working on some samples for Embroidery Boutique the past few weeks!They are all adorable!I love ALL Rachel's designs and they all stitch out wonderfully!!!!She is also working on a new and improved site(not that I ever had any trouble with the other one)!I got sneak peak yesterday and it sooo cute!
New Embroidery Boutique Valentines Font

New EB Heart Patch

New EB Candy Heart She is also going to
offer these with the words heart breaker,
heart throb, sweet, and xoxo!My little one
will be getting a shirt with stud on it!
New EB Swirly Heart

All of these will be available at very soon!!!I have already had people started asking about Easter!People are thinking ahead I guess since they know I am going to be enforcing my cut off dates!Christmas I set a cut off of December 1st and actually stopped taking Christmas orders before Thanksgiving!If any of you are looking for business Face Book is where I got the majority of mine!And they are all local so no shipping!If you are looking for more business you may want to consider it!
Applique Cafe has also gotten some new cute valentines designs out so be sure and check those out too!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

My front porch for Fall.A fiend of mine made these super cute scarecrow people!
Baby Outfit
Baby Christmas Shirt (nobbieneezkids ribbon Santa)
I LOVE these totes!They come in many colors and several prints!I did a ton of them at Christmas!They make great gifts and I am thinking Easter Baskets too!
towel wrap available in adult and youth (EB Curly Appliqué Font)
I love this out fit too!!!planet appliqué design.It is also available in a boy!
EB Sample
EB Sample
EB Sample (We will definitely be putting this one on a shirt!)
EB Christmas Truck (I use this one alot for the boys)
EB Toy Soldier Sample
And again with different fafric on a shirt for my little one
planet applique dog on the EB Sailboat Patch minus the sailboat plus the cute lab
This is a truck I designed that I do not sell.We log and it was just something I wanted,Not sure how much interest anybody else would have in a log truck!
EB Ornament This is on the outfit on down but I couldn't get them to arrange right!

EB Sample
Christmas Tree (I made the tree skirt last year)
Stockings and little trees (stockings made last year too)
Sock monkey outfit (monkey from and square is EBs sailboat patch)

I did this outfit for a freinds little girl and it may be my favorite outfit I did at Christmas!

Planet Applique Patch
I did this outfit for another friend and I love it too!I love doing theses ruffle pants!The pattern is the easy fit pants pattern found on It is VERY easy!Also the best fit I have found in this type pant!

nobbieneez christmas truck

Long time no post!!!!I have been soooo busy!I joined the Face Book craze a while back and totally got sucked in!I f any of you need any business just join Face Book and post a few pictures!That done it for me!I have never been so busy!I have slowed down a little now and have even considered not doing it for th public:(However I think I have changed my mind but I will NOT let myself get as swamped as I was at Christmas!I think a good thing to do would be not take anymore orders after you have a certain number and then when you get that done start taking again!I was still monogramming Christmas Eve!I said last year or year before last now that I would NEVER do that again but found myself doing it!I have started doing more clothes too.I love doing the straight pants for boys and ruffle pants for girls with a matching appliqué top!I am going to try and do better on blogging this year!So here are some things I have been working on since my last post in AUGUST!!!!I promise I am going to do better this year and if I start slacking please remind me to do better!One of my favorite things to do is look at other blogs to get ideas and ladies Rosemary Gulledge in my opinion has the best one!!!She even shares all her wonderful tips!Her and her husband are also digitizing now and have some CUTE stuff!Check out their designs at And also was has cute new designs!I have come across another one that I love too and it is They have some really cute stuff!
OK I added quite a few pics today!I didn't take pictures of a lot of the things I did at Christmas because I was too busy but these are some of what kept me sooo busy!I may try to post more later!I have a few things I am working on now and will post soon!One is a shirt using the appliquecafe car.I love this design!So simple(LOVE simple)and great for the older boys!!!Have a good day all!It is snowing here in Ripley, MS AND SCHOOL IS OUT!!!!!!!!LIFE IS GREAT!